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This site is made by Sudarshan (owner) and Deepak kashyap(moderator) both under the name of sudcooldesigns .so friends this site is all about Fun,Education etc.In this site you will find the latest news around the world which makes you updated with what is going in digital world.Here you can also find helpful reading material which help in understanding the concepts more easily.....

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friends you can also download useful presentation and high tech software needed by you to accomplish your task

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Sudarshan kumar is owner of site is resident of jammu and kashmir.He completed his matriculation from fatima convent high school bishnah.Then he move to st peter's higher secondary to complete his secondary education.presently is persuing his MCA from india's largest university lovely professional university.Sudarshan kumar's nick name is sud.He is very fun loving guy and have passions for computers.


Deepak kashyap is partner for developing is resident of jalandhar, punjab.He completed his matriculation from D.R.JAIN NATIONAL SR.SEC SCHOOL and then completed his higher education from the same school.He is also doing BCA-MCA from the same university.i.e lovely professional university.Deepak love to spend time on internet to search amazing thinks.He love designing

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